29th Jan 2015

Cache Medical

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Cache Limited has extensive knowledge of medical websites, and can help you if you are promoting a medical practice, pharmaceutical or are promoting your field in healthcare. We have set up broad ranging sites for research organisations, to help them upload, organise and promote their material in an easily accessible online library, and provide flexible communication forums to help broadcast their broader research as well as provide specific channels for narrower, more detailed research avenues.

Having been involved in several medical and healthcare product businesses, Cache is the ideal partner to help you realise your vision.

Are you part of a General Practice?

Find out more about the new Health & Social Care Bill, and what it means for GPs. Click here

We're more than just a web design company . . .
      . . . we speak your language.

Medical products can be hard to explain, and the technical jargon difficult to communicate to an unfamiliar audience. Having spent years in the medical product world, and with business experience selling and promoting technically complex products, our team can quickly understand your product and its marketing needs. We can help advise the best way to promote yourself online, and we may help anticipate and overcome many of the common pitfalls.

  • Medical expertise
  • Technical experience
  • Business-aware advice

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